Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Meet the Vendors! Shendoe Ceramics

Shendoe Ceramics

Shendoe Ceramics is made by Northern California artist Shenny Cruces. Her handmade porcelain jewelry and home wares inspired by her larger sculptures which evoke romance and a yearning for simpler times. Each piece is made using fine porcelain, vintage decals, and quality materials.

Meet the Vendors! Redgoldsparks Press and Caitlin McCarthy Art

Redgoldsparks Press and Caitlin McCarthy Art

Redgoldsparks Press publishes the medieval fantasy adventure comic series "The Thief's Tale" as well as other original comics by Maia Kobabe. Caitlin McCarthy sells prints, postcards, bookmarks and original artwork.

Meet the Vendors! Tanith Rohe

Tanith Rohe

Tanith is a S.F. Bay Area found object jewelry designer who loves to find the beauty in the unexpected. Tanith considers herself to be an urban archaeologist, uncovering the treasures in other peoples refuse. She creates jewelry made from recycled materials. Her jewelry is made out of previously played guitar strings, broken clocks and electronics, old paper, salvaged hardware, game pieces, light bulbs, and whatever else she comes across that she thinks would look great as a piece of jewelry.

Meet the Vendors! Dom Chi Company

Dom Chi Company

Dom Chi makes all one of a kind airbrushed, hand drawn and painted goods. Our products include hats, onesies, t-shirts, stickers, magnets, canvas and ordainments for the holiday! We offer custom services for that perfect gift.

Meet the Vendors! Recover Your Thoughts

Recover Your Thoughts

Journals made from discarded library books and unwanted paper.

Meet the Vendors! Just Sew Jana

Just Sew Jana

I just love to sew. I make unique pot holders in fun color and pattern combinations, and stockings in modern prints. My clutches, wallets, zipper pouches, totes and crossbody bags are made from upcycled upholstery samples rescued from the landfill. Because they are usually small pieces, a lot of my bags are one of a kind!

Meet the Vendors! Sonoma Wool Company

Sonoma Wool Company

Re-Discover Wool!   Sonoma Wool Company was created on our ranch — Pozzi Ranch — in Valley Ford, CA.  We pro uce practical 100% wool products for the home, using wool sourced from our ranch and other ranches in Northern California.  We have dryer balls, dish drying mats, ironing board pads, dog and cat toys, comforters, pillows, insoles and more, all beautifully packaged and ready for Holiday gifting!

Meet the Vendors! The Bay Belle

The Bay Belle

The integrity of our handmade (from scratch!) soaps is evident in our rich recipe of unrefined, certified Organic, and often certified Fair Trade vegan oils that we use. To alleviate burden on endangered species and their habitat we omit any form of palm oil. Our blend, which is loaded with cocoa and shea butters, is decadent enough! To top it off, our soaps are packaged in boxes made 100% from recycled paper so your earth, hands, and heart will love this soap!

Meet the Vendors! note•ify


Samantha Barsky is a Crafterino Show Producer and is the proprietress of note•ify. She considers her work Farm Chic, inspired by the farms and animals she runs across in her life. She makes note cards and gift tags of all kinds - all from recycled paper and envelopes and from her original photography or designs.

Meet the Vendors! Alice Frost Studio

Alice Frost Studio

Silhouette art that lets you look at birds in a whole new way. The California Birds Series first started by filling up the shape of California with native birds. Other illustrations include an owl, egret, raven, hawk and bluebird all filled with over 100 different birds. Products available include tote bags, greeting cards, postcards, coasters and fine art prints. Alice is one of our Crafterino show producers!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meet the Vendors! Creative Ninja

Creative Ninja

By day I work a normal 9-5 job, but in the darkness of night, I transform into a Creative Ninja. I design and create intricate laser cut wears and wares inspired by the simple beauties found in everyday observations.

Meet the Vendors! Sonoma Spice Queen

Sonoma Spice Queen

Sonoma Spice Queen is a local business based in Petaluma Ca started by spice enthusiast and culinary adventured Wind McAlister. Through my love of cooking and cultural exploration I bring to you hand-crafted organic spice mixes and rubs made with the best intentions. Awaken your pallet and make meal preparation easy to manage. We use low salt or no salt, no gluten, or fillers and use only organic ingredients. We have 15-20 choices and have many holiday gift options. Free holiday gift packaging. Happy Cooking!

Meet the Vendors! Sparks Ceramics

Sparks Ceramics

My ceramics are inspired by a generosity of spirit. I want you to look at my work and think, "This is so perfect for my best friend/my lover/my sister/my mother!" To me, ceramic art is the perfect blend of earth, water, air, and fire. My job is to craft those elements into pieces that last and delight.

Meet the Vendors! Soap Cauldron

Soap Cauldron

Sonoma County, CA. based Soap Cauldron is the creator of Three Sisters Apothecary™ a line of all natural artisan bath and skin care. Our artisan products are made in the tradition of the first soap guilds of 7th century Europe. As it was then, our all natural products are handmade in small batches with the finest gourmet butters, oils, botanicals and pure essential oils. Our products pamper the body with nurturing bar soaps, bath salts, rich body butters, soothing salves and lip balms to keep skin soft and hydrated. Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny our products are produced to the highest quality standards while adhering to the concepts of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Meet the Vendors! Nous Savons

Nous Savons

Nous Savons makes the kind of accessories that would happen if you locked up Martha Stewart and Rasputin in your great aunt's attic with nothing but a pair of pliers and a needle and thread. We specialize in beautiful jewelry made from vintage materials and gems, but also dabble in unusual accessories such as our popular lapel necklaces and convertible shoulder chains.

Meet the Vendors! Cartercups


Hand-crafted drinking cups, made with care. Forged from bottles and jars destined for the recycle bin, these cups have been cleaned, cut, and smoothed to perfection for your drinking pleasure. CarterCups, a more socially acceptable way to drink it straight from the bottle.

Meet the Vendors! The Felt Baron

The Felt Baron 

The Felt Baron (AKA Tami Lovett-Brumfield, a Crafterino Show Producer) resides in the Land of Feltopia where everything is soft and fleecy, especially the food. Hand sewn fruits or vegetables are harvested from the gardens daily and plush sweets are baked in a felt oven.

Meet the Vendors! Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Frontier is the brainchild of Nicole Pacheco, one of our Show Producers! You can usually find Nicole teaching sewing classes at her fabric store, StitchCraft. But she is just crafty in general! Nicole started Vinyl Frontier because of a love for vintage records. Each journal is made from unplayable records that she has saved from thrift stores and garage sales. She discovered that records that don't sell in thrift stores are thrown in the dumpster. Vinyl Frontier rescues those discarded albums and gives them new life!