Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Day Only, Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Not yet totally pumped up for HOLIDAY CRAFTERINO?  Watch this video created by one of our organizers' sons...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vendor Profile - Mangosteen

Gabrielle Lessard is the jewelry-maker behind Mangosteen - she hammers, solders, shapes, and designs.  Her objective? To make pieces her clients will love, and really wear, for years to come. 

Her favorite material is sterling silver. She also works with semi-precious stones and precious metal clay made from recycled silver. Many of her pieces use botanical elements, matte finishes and organic textures. All pieces are one of a kind and designed to be worn in real life.  See more of her work here.

Vendor Profile - Random Nicole

Nicole Stevenson (aka random nicole) hails from the little city of Orange, California where she started crafting things at an early age. She started her first crafty business at age 9, selling handmade stationary out of an old refrigerator box (decorated to look like a shop) on her front lawn. 

Nicole now divides her time and creativity between creating and selling one of a kind things for her line, random nicole; co-producing Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival (a bi-annual southern california event featuring emerging makers of art, clothing, food, music and more with her aunt delilah snell); teaching DIY workshops and teaching crafts privately for everything from birthday parties to corporate team building; consulting and doing custom design work for individuals and businesses; and writing short stories for her in progress MFA in creative writing. Whew!

Check out her wonderful site here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vendor Profile - Blaise Boutique

Blaise Boutique is the creation of Catherine Blackwell Vignale, who creates furniture and gifts from reclaimed and recycled materials, all of which are "ready to be reLoved."

She creates a variety of items including vintage postcard wallets, fun loving quote plaques, sets of vintage inspired LOVE postcard sets, and funky woodblock key and photo holders - all of which she fits in between a full life with a new baby, marketing work for Amy's Kitchen, and co-owning the "small but mighty" shop RooTs in Mill Valley.

We are thrilled to have her join us this year!

Vendor Profile - Harlequin Feltworks

Harlequin Feltworks is an artisanal felt studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2005, our studio produces a limited annual series of high quality, hand-made fashion accessories. Whether discerning shopper or casual collector, Harlequin Feltworks is your destination for stunning personalized fashion statements or that unique gift for loved ones.

Harlequin Feltworks is part of the growing number of businesses that are dedicated to the philosophy of earth & eco-friendly (green) practices. All wearable art pieces are made from 100% all-natural, renewable materials and organic, biodegradable soaps. In addition, understanding that water quality and waste is an issue of growing global concern we have made it a primary goal to conserve water in the making of our feltwork.

You can visit Harlequin's website here.

Vendor Profile - Hofmonsters

Hofmonsters - the creation of Vanessa Orantes - are handmade, one-of-a-kind creations constructed from recycled natural fiber sweaters. Each monster is unique and hand-sewn.  They are fun, individual, and parents will feel good giving their children a natural toy.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vendor Profile - Shebobo & Sayuri Designs

Shebobo and Sayuri Designs are two Bay Area artists who seek to spice up life with accessories for one and all. From hats and gloves to feathers and jewelry, we promote a vintage aesthetic with a modern flare. Come find what style suits you. 

Vendor Profile - Medium to Masses

Medium to Masses' owner Sarah Himeisen combines her love of the material glass with that of textiles to create her unique line of jewelry and table-wares which range from pendants to cufflinks and soap dishes to sushi sets. Vintage fabric patterns are hand silk-screened onto each glass piece using ground up glass enamel.  The resulting works give the patterns a second life while creating a juxtaposition of vintage with modern. 

Visit the website here.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vendor Profile - Cass & Cate

Cass & Cate is a home-based soy candle company located in beautiful Danville, CA.  Our eco-chic soy candles are all hand poured in small batches ensuring superior quality. 

According to owner Michelle Richter, "My passion for fragrances and all things tropical are what enticed me to start creating my own soy candles. I love scents that remind me of places I've been or experiences I've had. If I can't physically be in my favorite places, I want to be reminded of them. Besides...who doesn't love an amazingly scented candle?"

Visit her website here.

Vendor Profile - Pennyroyal Design

Pennyroyal is a small Penngrove based company with a penchant for beautiful, hand made goods for the home.  We use hand dyed fabrics, found and collected remnants, vintage fabric, 100% wool felt, and Grandmother's old button collection.  All are used to create accouterments we think are truly lovely.  

Visit Pennyroyal here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vendor Profile - RuPiper Designs

RuPiper Designs is located in the Northern California Wine Country and their designs reflect the relaxed lifestyle of the region. RuPiper makes its boards, frames and ribbons with the gift-giver and the home decorator in mind.  They take great pride in using found items, and find that upcycling and reinventing allows them to put a new twist on a classic without overshadowing the beauty of the original.

You can visit RuPiper here.

Vendor Profile - i melt with you

i melt with you, returning this year, is a boutique bath & body and soy candle studio. Casey Erleniem makes deliciously fragranced vegetable glycerine soaps, organic lotions, creams, soy candles and more.  If it's meltable, scentable and useful, they'll melt it, then it melts with you. Check out her website here!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vendor Profile - The BriarePatch

Barb Briare of The BriarePatch is another return vendor! Fresh, fragrant handmade soap, does it get any better than this?? If you've never used handmade soap before, you're in for a treat. Creamy, silky, lathery and best of all delightfully fragrant!! All soaps made by the cold process method with food grade vegetable oils and most are Vegan friendly.   Check out her website here!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vendor Profile - Village Clayworks

Catherine Reece's Village Clayworks features functional pottery at affordable prices.  All of her work is hand drawn and features whimsical designs and bright colors. She does all her work out of her home studio with her husband Scott as her two small children, Jackson and Kennedy play with clay too. It's a family affair. 

You can see more of Catherine's work here.

Vendor Profile - Maggie Hurley

Maggie Hurley's drawings and paintings are of whimsical things: delicate robots, lovely ladies, grumpy owls, and a bevy of colorful creatures are among her subjects. Her art will bring a smile to the most stoic of faces. 

In her own words, "I love to draw or paint just about anything, from day dreams to a piece of fruit that looks too pretty to eat.  I can’t seem to stick to one medium... I find inspiration in the way light bounces off of skyscrapers and am equally enthralled by the views of clouds from airplane windows.  My work celebrates the wonder in everyday things often taken for granted."

Check out her work here.