Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vendor Profile - Shendoe Ceramics

Shendoe Ceramics is handmade porcelain jewelry and gift items made by bay area artist Shenny Cruces. These small handcrafted works inspired by her larger sculptures evoke romance and a yearning for simpler times. Each piece is made using her own handmade porcelain clay, glazes, and molds and detailed using vintage ceramic decals.

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Vendor Profile - Roxie Roxit Handmade Dolls

Roxie Ross of Roxie Roxit Handmade Dolls has been making handmade crafts and art pieces for as long as she can remember. She worked with a variety of mediums over the years but found her passion in the creation of my one of a kind handmade cloth dolls. Working out of her home studio in Vallejo, California she started making dolls for Christmas gifts in 1996.  After making a dresser drawer full of prototypes she finally came up with the pattern she uses today.

Every doll is named and comes with clothes and accessories to suit their individual unique personality. The dolls clothes, made from original patterns using new and recycled fabrics and yarn, are removable and can be mixed and matched.  This holiday season she has launched a new line of soft and huggable kid-friendly dolls.  They are just as fabulous as their more sophisticated sisters only much simpler without buttons or wires.

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Vendor Profile - Paper Fabric Glitter

Stephanie Sherratt of The Winter Garden has a new line called Paper Fabric Glitter. She creates whimsical vintage inspired paper crafts including cards, tags, craft, art & collage Kits, She also makes vintage Christmas ornaments and holiday themed antiques
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Vendor Profile - Shebobo

Headwear and accessories made from neckties, lace, wool and original shaped custom wool felt blocked hats.
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Vendor Profile - Christy Silacci

From the depths of the recycling bin and the far reaches of her wacky mind and sense of humor, Christy Silacci hand sews her whimsical, folk art creations.  Her fabulous creative talent has produced funky hand-made, one-of-a-kind, collectible dolls and animals for more than twenty years.  These fanciful and unique creatures can be found from coast to coast in many homes and museums. Christy has been featured in various publications and she is one of the organizers of the admired "Halloween & Vine" show that takes place in Petaluma annually.
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Vendor Profile - Tanith

Tanith Rohe of Tanith creates handmade found object jewelry, steampunk jewelry, and guitar string jewelry. She makes jewelry out of previously played guitar strings, broken clocks and electronics, old paper, salvaged hardware, game pieces, light bulbs, and whatever else she comes across that would look great as a piece of jewelry.
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Vendor Profile - One Road Designs/Rose Halady

One Road Designs, makes tragically hip, one of a kind,  recycled clothing, bags,  denim river blankets and pillows out of recycled materials. Featured items:  Petaluma Pan-tees and bloomers made out of recycled t-shirts.

Rose Halady makes adorable Recycled Waldorf dolls and repurposed birchwood Christmas Houses.
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Vendor Profile - note•ify

Samantha Barsky is a Crafterino Show Producer and is the proprietress of note•ify. She considers her work Farm Chic, inspired by the farms and animals she runs across in her life. She makes note cards and gift tags of all kinds - all from recycled paper and envelopes and from her original photography or designs. Check her new holiday designs and also be sure to check out her website here!

Vendor Profile - Pure Vintage Style

I design vintage & retro women's & children's wearable art, journals, tote bags, vintage/antique jewelry & Christmas stockings using authentic vintage, antique and recycled components.
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Vendor Profile - Just Sew Jana

Clutches, wallets, zipper pouches and tote bags made from upcycled upholstery samples rescued from the landfill. Because upholstery fabric is inherently stronger and more durable, and in many cases stain-resistant, making bags from these samples is practical as well as environmentally sound. 
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vendor Profile - Harlequin Feltworks

Harlequin Feltworks is an artisanal felt studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2005, our studio produces a limited annual series of high quality, hand-made fashion accessories. Whether discerning shopper or casual collector, Harlequin Feltworks is your destination for stunning personalized fashion statements or that unique gift for loved ones.

Harlequin Feltworks is part of the growing number of businesses that are dedicated to the philosophy of earth & eco-friendly (green) practices. All wearable art pieces are made from 100% all-natural, renewable materials and organic, biodegradable soaps. In addition, understanding that water quality and waste is an issue of growing global concern we have made it a primary goal to conserve water in the making of our feltwork.

You can visit Harlequin's website here.

Vendor Profile - Metzler Metalcraft

We make handmade chainmaille jewelry and accessories for women, men and children. We love doing custom orders and do not charge for that, and also do gift certificates. For the holidays, we make chainmaille adorned tree ornaments.
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Vendor Profile - Fairy Shadow

Bright and cheery floral hair accessories and natural fiber dolls crafted with upcycled textiles. Tania Prosser's work is thoughtfully made and delightfully whimsical.
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Vendor Profile - Bug Under Glass

Meeting an entomologist convinced Kevin Clarke to quit a career in finance and pursue a Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology that focused on insect conservation. While in grad school, he learned about Butterfly Farming and the positive impact it has on forest conservation, while at the same time providing an important income to disadvantaged populations.
Bug Under Glass pupated in 2002 to combine a love of insects, art, science education and conservation. Every display Kevin makes has a little story attached to it that brings to life the insect inside. His displays also make a valuable contribution to forest conservation by helping butterfly farmers support a lifestyle that preserves rainforest, instead of cutting them down.
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Vendor Profile - The Felt Baron

The Felt Baron (AKA Tami Lovett-Brumfield, a Crafterino Show Producer) resides in the Land of Feltopia where everything is soft and fleecy, especially the food. Hand sewn fruits or vegetables are harvested from the gardens daily and plush sweets are baked in a felt oven. 

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Vendor Profile - Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Frontier is the brainchild of Nicole Pacheco, one of our Show Producers! She makes recycled record album journals and crafts in Petaluma, CA, Nicole started Vinyl Frontier because of a love for vintage records. Each journal is made from unplayable records that she has saved from thrift stores and garage sales. She discovered that records that don't sell in thrift stores are thrown in the dumpster. Vinyl Frontier rescues those discarded albums and gives them new life!