Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vendor Profile - Roxie Roxit Handmade Dolls

Roxie Ross of Roxie Roxit Handmade Dolls has been making handmade crafts and art pieces for as long as she can remember. She worked with a variety of mediums over the years but found her passion in the creation of my one of a kind handmade cloth dolls. Working out of her home studio in Vallejo, California she started making dolls for Christmas gifts in 1996.  After making a dresser drawer full of prototypes she finally came up with the pattern she uses today.

Every doll is named and comes with clothes and accessories to suit their individual unique personality. The dolls clothes, made from original patterns using new and recycled fabrics and yarn, are removable and can be mixed and matched.  This holiday season she has launched a new line of soft and huggable kid-friendly dolls.  They are just as fabulous as their more sophisticated sisters only much simpler without buttons or wires.

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